Academic Support
The Researcher’s Academic Support Project is a company’s initiative to help enabling scientific studies of Brazilian researchers. The idea came up spontaneously when the directors of ILUMEO realized that most of the researcher in the fields of Communication and Marketing found it very hard to end their projects involving primary research, because of the lack of recruiting capacity for qualitative and quantitative studies.

In 2014, ILUMEO’s online research database was used in the making of over 20 studies published in scientific journals and national and international congresses, developed by researchers in USP, UNESP, ESPM, FGV and UNINOVE.

The collect is done by our database of Research Activators, with national capillarity, and it is exactly this large reach that allows us to collect over 2.000 complete questionnaires in one day. The collect’s methodology is by the technique of snowball, which guarantees to the research a qualified sample, and a delivery of results with great velocity. In the Academic Researches it’s used the same quality protocols present in the projects ILUMEO does with grand companies.

ILUMEO uses the structure and human resources of the company in the support of academic production, with a lower cost than those charged by larger companies. Therefore, there is a limited number of academic projects that can be contemplated with this benefit. Semiannually, there are up to 25 inscriptions for research projects. In the field bellow there is a registration form, in case there is interest. You insert the general data over your project (likely sample and date of collect, for example). If your project is selected, you can count with the special conditions offered by this initiative. The filling of these information doesn’t creates any link between the researcher and ILUMEO, not implicating the obligatory realization of the research field with us. A researcher can register more than one project, if there is the need. For now, there is no limit of projects per person.